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Bartal Design Group, Inc.
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Bartal Design Group was founded in March of 1984 with the goal of providing a quality electronic-design service at a reasonable cost to
clients ranging from individuals to large companies lacking the expertise or manpower to realize their products.

As our business developed, we found that many of our clients were also in need of Information Technology services and that their needs
were not being adequately met by their current suppliers. To answer those needs, we branched into the IT installation and maintenance

In the late 1990s, we identified a need for high-quality, high-availability backup systems, and we partnered with Net Integration Services of
Toronto Canada to bring an innovative, flexible and reliable backup system to our customers. Net Integration was subsequently acquired
by IBM who took the product into a direction that did not adequately serve our customer base. In response to this, and after a long and
intensive search, we now provide the Open Source version of IX Systems’ TrueNAS, FreeNAS. We build these systems using enterprise-
quality hardware with quadruple redundancy in the backup drives. Our customers’ data is safe.

In addition to our backup servers, we provide full desktop support, network planning, installation and maintenance services. We are
licensed by the State of New Jersey to install telecommunications and low-voltage wiring and systems.

As part of our work in this field, we have become expert in dealing with suppliers and coordinating with multiple trades and contractors.
We know how to escalate and to “push the right buttons” to ensure that our customer’s work is completed on time. We can act as Owner’s
Representatives or as General Contractors to relieve our customers of the burden of keeping the project organized and documented.

Our IT clients range from SOHO users to multi-site enterprises with over 400 installed desktops and other networked devices.

A small sampling of our IT customer list includes:
Andrew Corporation
Designed and documented cabling scheme for installing in-building cellular systems in two midtown Manhattan office buildings:

5 Times Square (Ernst and Young) was a 48 floor installation involving six cellular carriers, five miles of fiber optics, over 300
antennas, rooftop GPS and over 30 racks of equipment.

4 Times Square was a somewhat smaller job with only a single cellular carrier (AT&T), providing cellular services on 15 floors,
serving  over 6000 attorneys and staff of Scadden-Arps.
LPE Engineering, PC
Wired entire floor of Midtown Manhattan office building. 96 installed workstations, printers, plotters, scanners, security cameras
and other network devices. FreeNAS file server with remote backup. We also perform desktop support services for LPE’s users
and tenants.
The Market Basket
Dual FreeNas file servers in multiple locations providing backup services to hundreds of devices in three locations.
Pumping Solutions, Inc
Wired entire building for workstations, scanners, printers and security cameras. FreeNas file server with 24 workstations. We also
perform desktop support services for Pumping Solutions users.
Riverside Physical Therapy
Wired entire office for telephones and computers. Brought cellular services (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint) into basement area which had
no signal prior to our installation. Coordinated “impossible” installation with Time Warner.
Electronic Design Services
Our electronic design clients have included inventors looking for models to help the market their products; machine tool designers who
need custom alternatives to a large, expensive industrial controllers; electronic production shops who want to provide design services to
their customers; electronic shops who desire to improve existing products; Large manufacturers who need a "second look".

A sampling of our design customer list includes:
Improvements to the 3684 series POS system
Test & measurement system for installation of Lucent DSLAM equipment
Cable test adapters, documentation and procedures for DSLAM integration
Test accessibility adapters
End of train safety and warning device; Battery charging device
Ram Products
Motor control products for dental, medical and cosmetic devices
Counterfeit currency detector / serial number logger
Fire prevention and detection systems, including spark and ember detectors
Datatec Industries
Network control and energy management devices
Technology Development Corp
Controller for industrial assembly machine
Daewoo Corp
Audio product display demonstrator
Outboard Electric
Multi-Horsepower motor controller
Multi-zone heat pump controller
Golf club head speed indicator
Risk Control Group
Audio safety device
DHS Logistics
Furnace controller

Design services we provide include
• Ground-up product design
• Design review
• Compliance review with UL / CSA / IEC / FCC
• Schematic design
• Printed circuit design, including fine-line surface mount
• Power supply design
• Model and prototype construction
• Firmware development
• Interface software development
• User-interface software development
• Internet enabled product design
• Production coordination
• Test procedures and fixtures
• User manuals
• Troubleshooting documentation